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What is 23Seven?

23Seven is a high energy, FUN, Caring, Compassionate studio where we get you to your health goals, Fast… Guaranteed. 

Our exercises are designed to bring forth your inner warrior. Our challenging workouts allow for maximal fat burn which in turn melts all unnecessary weight on your figure creating a toned, lean, fit, healthy body you have always dreamed of.

Our Specialized programs are so unique that you are actually in fat burning zone all day after your workout. What the heck does that mean? You burn calories which equals fat all day long after 30-40 minutes of intense training! Burn 2X the Fat with us. Thats how we differ from other facilities.


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Why Choose Us?

•    Frequent Follow-Up’s
•    Results and Outcomes
•    On-going Nutritional Consult
•    Accountability
•    Monthly Measurements
•    Progressions Journal and Constant Fitness Evaluation

You are attended to in a very personalized, humble manner. We ensure to follow up and get you to your health and weight loss goals as easily and quickly as possible.


Unlike big box gyms where you basically pay a monthly fee to rent equipment. 23Seven offers you much more.

Group Training

Furthermore 23Seven Gives Back

Give yourself health and show up to 16 classes or more within one month and we'll give you $40 off your monthly fee!




23SEVEN is such a fantastic gym!! I never knew about the kettle bell until I came here and have been loving the kb workouts! The trainers are very thorough with a sharp eye for correct form and teach you the importance of form to stay healthy and strong.

They push you to new levels and help you achieve your goals. I came in with injuries from previous sports and they have completely helped me and strengthened those areas.

The atmosphere and people are like no other gym, everyone is very supportive and encourages each other.


This gym is a big part of my life. It helped me realize my strengths and my capabilities. The trainers are amazing helping to correct my form which in turn has helped me in my every day life.

I met great inspirational people through the gym who keep me grounded and help me feel like I can achieve any goal I put my mind to. Thanks to everyone here for being such a positive and supportive group.



I love the SMALL group programs. 3-4 at most with one trainer. I had bad balance issues and I am now walking taller, feeling stronger, smiling on the inside and out and looking amazing!!!

I never imagined I would love working with a kettlebell, working on Olympic Lifting and loving push ups! The 'man' styles too haha! And I do have to admit... Burpees and I are becoming friends... (oops, outside voice)

So worth every penny I have spent. And much much more.



1990 152 Street
Surrey BC  V4A 4N6

T: (778) 999-9193