11 Things I'm Gonna Do More Of In 2017, So Excited!!

11 things i'm gonna do More of in the New Year:


1)Listen to Meditation, Path (sikh prayer) and Classical Music.


2) Say what I wanna say and how I wanna say it. Im gonna be ME and that is it. #balls 


3) Continue to live in balance: Spirit, Mind, Body, Child, Home, Work, Friends, Family (real friends. The ones that lift me up and vice versa)

4) Laugh, Play and have me some FUN.. everyday!

5) Keep moving outside my confort zone

6) Continue observing myself, my actions as a third party, without judging myself or others. 

7) Eat and Buy What ever the fuck I want. Being Vegetarian/Vegan is sometimes expensive, I dont care anymore. If I want a mango and its out of season and triple the price, ima buy me that Mango. Same goes for hand bags baby. If I want that gucci, ima buy me that gucci.

8) Continue having the time of my life with my work. Work will never feel like work, EVER again.

9) Continue letting go of Stress, no more running. work on me, self-help and continue surrendering therefore living this life in supreme health and abundance

10) practice more Wicca... the religion of nature, mother nature. also continue being in nature more. 

11) Raise my CHILD to be a compassionate, happy, truthful, no judgement kinda human being who never compares himself to anyone.


What are you gonna do more or less of in the new year?