How Saunas & Float Tanks Help Your Body Detox.

Thats me, coming out of the Float Tank at SensaFloat Spa Rest and Wellness Centre in White Rock, BC. What an amazing experience. #detoxed

Thats me, coming out of the Float Tank at SensaFloat Spa Rest and Wellness Centre in White Rock, BC. What an amazing experience. #detoxed

Although most people really don't like it, sweating and becoming mindless is actually good for your body. But thanks to the ultra convenient lifestyles of today, sweating and attaining a state of deep relaxation isn't something that a lot of people do. 

We go from air conditioned homes to air conditioned vehicles to air conditioned offices and shopping places. But this lack of sweating can cause your body to keep toxins trapped inside. 

Toxins enter the body one of two ways - either through the mouth or through the skin. When you sweat, your body gets out the toxins and can prevent a build up. Sweating and high volumes of epsom salt while emerged in water open up your pores to get out the toxins. 

Not only do you feel better and look better, but your skin will also look younger and healthier. While normal sweating can help, it can't really do the level of detox like a sauna can. Nor can I reach the high detox level of epsom at home that a float tank provides. 

That's because using a sauna and salt in the float tank causes you to sweat a lot more than you normally would. If you could check what your sweat contains, you'd see that it was made up of toxins - including airborne ones like pesticides that are sprayed in homes and on plants. 

In a float tank, your body also works to release toxins that have been stored in the tissues. It basically forces them loose and then eliminates them. Studies have shown that saunas and tanks are effective in detoxification based on the amount of sweat or relaxation your body will produce in the higher temperature of heat or salt. 

Your body will get rid of toxins like uric acid, which is a waste product. And itís a toxin. If uric acid builds up in the body, it can lead to things like kidney problems. Not only can saunas help your body detoxify from uric acid, but also from toxins from metals, chemicals, household cleaners, and from the medication that you take or put on your skin. 

When you use a sauna, your heart rate goes higher - and this is a good thing. That faster heart rate is what will give you a better blood flow. The increase in blood flow will then turn around and help you get the toxins out of your body faster. 

Not only that, but thereís a correlation between the temperature of the sauna and the benefit it gives your immune system. When you get a fever, it raises your body temperature to kill off whatever is making you sick. 

In a sauna or float tank, the increased temperature and salt helps your body fight toxins that essentially can make you sick at all levels.

Balraj Gill.