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What is 23Seven LifeStyle and Queen B Beauty Professionals?

23Seven LifeStyle in partnership with Queen B Beauty is a high energy, FUN, Caring, Compassionate Beauty/Style/Fitness and the Ultimate Lifestyle Product/Blog Site where we get you to your Beauty/Style & Health goals, Fast… Guaranteed. 


Queen B Professional beauty products and blogs are designed to bring forth your inner warrior, your inner beauty, your inner confidence. We guarantee product satisfaction and stand behind our brand. Queen B Beauty totally understands that as busy women you don’t always have time to research what you are purchasing and often you have been referred to a product by a friend or family… and all to often the referral comes only because the product is trending. 


Well, thats why we create HOW TO Videos and Blogs for every product on our site. We give you enough product information in order to allow for maximal use which in turn gives you not only the basic history of how we develop our products but also basic to advanced use of each beauty product; Creating a happier, knowledgeable, satisfied consumer, every time. 


Queen B Beauty Specialized products are so unique that you are actually going to get more use out of your purchase. What the heck does that mean? We formulate each product to perfection. Thats how we differ from other Beauty Lines.


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Why Choose Us?

•    Frequent Email Follow-Up’s

•    Results and Outcomes

•    On-going product Consult

•    Accountability

•    Monthly Product Blogs

•Queen B Beauty encourages you to send us progressions and usage slash satisfaction emails of how you are enjoying your product (or not and why). We believe in Constant Customer Evaluation and Satisfaction.

Here at Queen B Beauty you are attended to in a very personalized, professional and humble manner. We ensure to follow up and get you to your beauty goals and intentions from our products as easily and quickly as possible. #Love 


Unlike other beauty lines where you are sold a product and then... nothing, crickets you never hear from the company again. 23Seven Lifestyle and Queen B Beauty Professionals offer you much more.

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Furthermore 23Seven & Queen B Beauty Give Back

Give yourself health and beauty. Write us a review on Amazon and watch for the love we send back to you in the mail :)

Meet the Creator of 23seven Lifestyle and Queen B Beauty Below.