The Best 10 piece Oval MakeUp Brush set in rose gold for professional kits, artists. Blend your foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow flawlessly with these vegan, cruelty free, affordable, soft high quality brushes. Protect you investment - Life time guarantee. 

The Secret To Flawless, Glowing, Dewy or Matte Skin. 

The Best, Softest, Highest Quality Make-Up Brushes In The Beauty Industry Today, Here’s Why

*Flexible, Sturdy, Durable Handle. The Strong handle combined with springiness at the brush head allows for increased comfort and so that the fibres are perpendicular to your face for more even, efficient coverage. 

*Reliable, Smooth, Application: The tapering edges of these brushes allows the synthetic, animal friendly bristles to apply product to the skin comparable to the quality of a animal based bristle. The soft oval bristles and dome shape of he brush passes over skin like butter, leaving NO STREAKS what so ever.


*Six Star Quality Blending: This brush is packed with dense, smooth bristles which is what allows the user to blend in any direction for a flawless finish.

*Thickness of bristle fibres ensure no wastage of make-up.

*Very Gentle Feel on skin with remarkable modern technologies incorporated achieving the perfect weigh balance for each brush. 

*Easy to Clean. See cleaning instructions as BONUS video on our webpage. 

*Wears Longer: The density and grade of synthetic fibres decrease chances of splitting or breakage. 

The only Make-up Brush set Backed up with a Lifetime, No-Hassle, Free Replacement Guarantee

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Video 2: (Below) My first Video Testing my make-up brushes. I was so excited because I had finally received the final product after going back and forth for months with the supplier. I finally got just the perfect softness and density for the QUEEN B BEAUTY line. Try them, You'll fall in Love.. you have been warned. 

Video 3: (Below) How To Use The Large Oval Queen B Brush To Cleanse Your Skin. Duo Purpose Baby.